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I have similar problem.  I’ve been using Control with my iPad Air 2 for a couple of years – works well with both of my H9 pedals connected via Bluetooth simultaneously.   Recently I installed Control on my 2015 MacBook Pro running Sierra 10.12.6 – but was never able to connect to either pedal. Only one of two pedals show up in the blue tooth area of my MacBook (System Preferences –> Bluetooth).  When I try to connect to the available bluetooth I get an error.   I have two MacBook Pro laptops each running Sierra and neither MacBook could connect to any of my H9 pedals.   

mkravit wrote:

Receved a new MacBook Pro running Sierra V. 10.12.5.

Neither of the H9’s I own are recognized in the Bluetooth Utility. That is, they don’t even show up in the dialog box. Tried rebooting the MacBook, turning bluetooth on and off at both the Macbook Pro and the H9’s,  and everything else I can think of. 


They do however connect via USB to the MacBook and to my iPad via Bluetooth.

Need this working as soon as possible as it’s a pain to not be able to use my MacBook Pro.