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Yet there is an option in the H9 for Midi over Bluetooth…….why is that there then if it doesn’t work?

I just want SOME other program to be able to send a midi command to the H9 via Bluetooth. Since the option is in the Pedal Settings, and it specifically says “Midi Over Bluetooth” I would assume it is possible. So what exactly does it do then if you enable it? Nothing? It’s just a dummy option then?

nickrose wrote:

We know little about Forscore since it is not our product.

However, since it is an iPad app, my guess is that you may be unlucky.

To send MIDI over Bluetooth from a (later model) iPad, you need to use Bluetooth BLE 4.0 or above.  Since this was introoduced after the H9 was designed, the H9 can not support it.