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I thought I’d try conecting both H9’s via USB, but then found using the “Connect MIDI device to Eventide Stompbox: in settings in H9 Control no longer works for either of the two H9’s. I then reverted to disconnecting one of them from USB and pairing it via Bluetooth allowed MIDI commands from my L6 Helix to reach both H9’s again.

At current, my MIDI cables run in series: Helix > H9 Max > H9 Core > Andromeda. For the H9 Core, connected via USB, the “Connect MIDI device to Eventide stompbox” works again, but only because the H9 Core is now paired vie Bluetooth instead of USB.

I could try running the Helix into my MOTU Micro Express MIDI/USB interface instead of daisy chaining MIDI. It has 4x MIDI inputs and 6x MIDI outputs, so I could send MIDI commands from Helix to the other pedals in parallel instead of series (no THRU needed). The question is, would this really work? What have I forgotten?