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please. They are super friendly.


I hear you–I hate apple stuff as much as anyone. But gave up on android support and bought an old Ipad Mini just for the h9. It works awesome.

Because for real.. I doubt that it is a problem of will, but a problem of actual technical possibility.  The H9 uses an Apple bluetooth chip.. and is only VERY OCCASIONALLY reliable on my full-blooded Windows Machine.. even with a very specific bluetooth adapter. Heck.. its getting sketchy even with brand new Macs, from what I read.

There is just no way (not to diss their programming skills!) that Eventide could possibly make it work for the range of random bluetooth adapters used on the 1Million android devices out there. They probably don’t want to come out and say it… but I think it can’t be done, reliably.

Should they try, maybe just for Nexus and Pixel devices? I wish. But I stopped waiting, and you should too. Like any technical limitation.. you gotta move on. If your amp didn’t have great reverb… you either get a new amp or add some gear, right? This pedal doesn’t have that feature. Either get new gear.. or work around the limitations it has.


Sorry for the rant… but the discussion is stale. 😉