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Thank you guys so much!

I’m using a Galaxy S8.  I signed up for, and downloaded Beta 3.0.3. 

I also had some trouble arriving at the download location using the phone browser (both Chrome and Samsung Internet) but I was eventualy able to get the app.  Likely a non-issue once this is out of beta.

Had no keyboard problems logging in or otherwise. (Worth mentioning I do use the Swiftkey keyboard and not stock).

Running 2 H9s, and both connected to, and paired with the phone and app without any trouble.

One possible problem, and I’m unsure if this is by design or not, since I’m only running this on an S8 and not a tablet, but Landscape Mode does nothing.  If I tilt my phone into Landscape, the H9 App does not change–it remains in Portrait mode for all screens.

Overall nothing else worth mentioning other than the above for now.  The app worked great controlling my H9s.  No issues other than the Landscape Mode not working, which may be nothing.  I’ll do some further testing wtih it again today, and throughout the week and report back if I find anything that doesn’t work.