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nickrose wrote:
jphoyt wrote:
I went into the MIDI settings and set the expression pedal value to MIDI CC 1. When I select a preset, do I have to set something else up to use the pedal?

You have to be sure that whatever MIDI pedal you are using is sending on CC1. You also have to make sure that its channel matches that set on the H9 (or, to makethings easier, set the H9 RCV.CH to OMNI).


I do have it set to OMNI and the expression pedal value is set to MIDI CC 1 on the Switch Doctor. At one point I could toggle between active/bypass with the expression pedal, but I’m not sure what I did to make that happen.

Now I tried changing the switch doctor to CC 2 for the expression pedal and on the H9 because I thought the preset switching on CC 1 was screwing it up, but it’s still not working.