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Thanks, bohan.  And I appreciate your in-depth replies at this forum.  I get the impression that you were a deep user / Eventide fan long before you worked for them.  You know your s***.

There were a few rebuilt presets in here, but most were inspired by the new SEQ VIEW.  Programmed for stereo; mono-compatible (as much as I tested).  Expression pedal programming is integral to each one of the presets for ‘constrained morphing’, for lack of a better term.  The SEQ VIEW is great for checking out the effects combinations at each point in the pedal throw.  I was aiming for a natural, ‘wah’-like feel.

Funny, but the original ‘synthesizer’ focus quickly turned into a mixture of many FX types.  I find myself using variations of these presets after a thick, sustaining source.  SuperEgo / freeze effects, big ‘verbs, synths, face-melting distortion.  But they’re equally at home with any strong signal clean tone.