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So I somehow have managed to get two h9’s to connect to my iPad as above.

As an aside and without wanting to throw in a red herring I couldn’t get my second h9 to upgrade from 5.4.1 to to the latest version that allows hawt sauce. I kept getting the “connection error!” Pop up. This was with either my iPad or iPhone. I now have successfully managed my upgrade however via a Mac Air.

So back to the two h9 connection issues to h9 control.

What I’ve noticed is that for the second h9 to successfully connect, the H9 control pop up needs to appear.

If whatever file or signal is not exchanged between the h9 and h9 control before the h9 Times out the pop up “h9 control wants to connect” appears then there’s no successful connection.

Not sure what that time out period or “attempts” value is set at but if that criteria is not met the bt connection to the h9 is abandoned.

I will keep trying but for me with my build as above it is too unreliable to use in a reheasal or live situation. Hope others have the issue and there’s an eventual fix fix… either that or my iPad has somehow a weak or faulty Bluetooth circuit.

Any support guys looking in?