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Thanks for the reply Nick. I agree with your advice for sure. I have redundancy in the form of other delay pedals, rack stuff like an Axe FX 2 XL+, and plugins of all sorts, so I am not concerned about being unable to perform so much as I am keen to fnd creative inspiration by way of the ol’ Timefactor. It has a thing that goes beyond the specs and algorithm names. I can’t put it into words. If you know what I mean and can put it into words, please advise.  wink

Support did reply and asked about the switch, so i did some more tests and determined the switch is intermittent at best, and by the time I had goofed around in loop mode for 5 minutes, it had basically totally failed. Interesting to note, that one switch was very rarely used at all. The original TAP switch did not last very long either (tho I tap way more than might be expected). Perhaps some of those early ones had a run of faulty switches and I just got unlucky there. I ordered a couple spares and should be in business next week.