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Well on my unit, I don’t feel anything “squishy”, or any form of button in there.   I’ve tried it several times, with a paper clip, and a pin….in any event, it just doesn’t “feel” like I’m doing anything when I insert something into ther reset hole.   I push in firmly, but get no tactic feedback.       Regardless….it appears that I AM causing the unit to boot into a different mode….because when I’ve done this, the unit won’t fully boot up and connect to Emote.   If I restart the unit…then within 2 minutes it does boot up and connect to Emote.    I already am using a hard wire ethernet connection to my Mac Pro.   So, as to why I cannot boot into Recovery Mode and connect is indeed concerning.    

As to the “feedback” issue….I’ve resolved it!    I had to create a new Session, and build my routings from scratch.     I THINK (not 100% sure) that the “default session” had 4 Oscillators running, wired to the analog outputs!    That seems a poor choice for the default session…no?    Even still, I wasn’t getting a “sine tone” at 0db….my meters were dimed!   So something, beyond just routing, was going on.   But creating a fresh new session, and making basic routings to the analog outputs resolved THAT issue.   The unit is now functional, and spectacular!   So I’m happy.   But just from a new purchaser point of view….this end user experience was not good out of the box!    NOTHING was working as described in the manuals for the first 24 hours.     



jfirlik wrote:

The paper clip button is ‘squishy’ (as long as you are firmly pressing into the hole it should be activated) and only needs to be held down for a moment after the power is turned on.  I’m not sure what could be happening with the recovery mode, but it might be helpful to try a direct ethernet connection into your computer and see if it comes up in Emote.  We’ll look into this issue further.

Regarding your initial problem of feedback, what does your physical and virtual (Emote) routing look like?  Booting up with just the Network key held will do a ‘soft reset’ that should clear any routings made internally, this may help narrow down the problem.  (It will also clear network settings, so you’ll need to use the Access Point or use an ethernet connection)