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Eventide Staff
ztime wrote:

Hi just registered an H9000R. Looked everywhere but couldn't find how to install the new Software to the H9000R hardware unit?  In Emote Software Updates pane nothing is available. Current Software version is 1.1.5(0) (685b332). Can you let me know how to do it please… Cheers



Hi ztime. If your H9000R is connected to Emote but the updates list is empty, then your H9000R may not be connected to internet, which is required to download updates. Could you verify that your H9000R is either wired to an internet connection via Ethernet, or else that it is connected to a WiFi network? In any case, simply restarting Emote might resolve this issue.

If you still can't see updates, please email dbaylies@eventide.com and we'll work to resolve the issue.