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Eventide Staff
FrauHolle wrote:

don't know if there's already a progress in the reasearch, but if it's not a bug I can live with that behaviour.

…quite in contrast to the remaining questions regarding Emote (3 + 4). I'm surprised that no one's complained about this yet and that it still exists with the latest beta version. I would be satisfied if you can confirm these as bug which will be fixed with the next offical update. (?) 🙂

Hi Holger,

We did confirm that the gain curves for the wet/dry mix in the H9000 are not the same as those in the H8000.  I wouldn't say it's a bug, but perhaps we should have done the same thing as the H8000 did.  The problem with changing it now of course is it would affect the sound of people's H9000 presets.  We've discussed the idea of allowing the user to choose the H8000 curves but that obviously adds complexity.  Perhaps this is something for the 1.3 update, as 1.2 is very close to being finalized.

Regarding 3, latency in the H9000's response to DAW tempo automation from emote, we'll look into this.

Regarding 4, please could you clarify what this means?  Do you mean that you have to reconnect to the H9000 each time the emote plugin is instantiated, and you would like it to connect automatically?