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mjahoger wrote:
Yes. It is lovely indeed. Combining this new algorithm with the SpaceTime in my second H9 is basically all I need (although a multi-tap delay with control over the individual modulation line and panning would be very welcome still!).

Can someone explain me what the difference is between the chorus and chorale mix? Listening to the difference, it seems it changes the phase of the modulated delay lines. Am I correct?

Glad to hear folks are enjoying it.

Chorale mode adds 2 additional fixed rate LFOs to each voice’s modulation, one fast and one slow. (So each voice is now modulated by 3 oscillators!) The fast one adds some shimmer and the slow one adds some low level swirl.

Also, in chorale mode the delay for each voice is inversely related to the depth. As you turn up the depth for a voice, its delay gets shorter. This lets you space out the delays in time, etc. (in chorus mode, the delay knob sets the minimum delay—this is good for dialing in stompbox style choruses)