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Eventide Staff
Ed Driscoll wrote:

Hi Guys,

Glad to see that everyone at Eventide is staying safe and doing OK working remotely at the moment. I was using my H9000 earlier tonight to try to recreate the pitch drop echo effect that's called "Son of Kamikaze" on the H3000 Factory plugin version, and a similar effect that I believe is called "Kamikaze Delays" on the hardware H3000. The closest I could get was by fine-tuning the #7614 Magic Echo algorithm. Are there any other algorithms I'm overlooking that can best dial in that sort of effect? 




Hi Ed! 


I was able to get pretty close to this preset using a combination of a few algorithms! I used 3 algorithms in series, Harmodulator, H910/949 and H3000 Micropitch. 

I'll email you the preset and also take screenshots of my FXChain and algorithm parameters and email it to you.

It's not exatcly like Kamikaze delays, I still have to work on the envelope follower but I think its pretty close. I hope this helps!