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joshmq wrote:

In my experience (I have a pitch and time factor), if the pedal is not showing up on the updater or H9 control. its because the midi port your USB cable is plugged into on your computer (if you’re using one?) from the Pitchfactor is being blocked or used by another application. For example if you have a DAW such as Ableton open on your computer, its using at least one port, probably 2 or 3 ports if you’re using different midi contorllers/interfaces. If this is the case, you can turn off all the devices in the midi settings page of most DAWs, and this should free up the midi port for the pitchfactor.

Thanks Josh!

Tried everything above on my OS X laptop (logic and protools installed), turned all MIDI OFF. Didn’t work. Then tried again again on GF laptop, no DAWs installed, Windows 10. Didn’t work either. Tried on both computers to connect with both USB and MIDI methods. With Pitchfactor in UPDATE mode and without it. Same results. Eventide updater can’t detect my Pitchfactor. No luck. Any mode ideas? At this point i feel like put the update dawn is throat!