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tlongabaugh wrote:

Could you take a screenshot or provide a preset of the settings where you aren’t hearing 100% wet? Due to hardware differences, the pedal / plugin might sound slightly different, but I wouldn’t expect the wet/dry mix to be affected.

H9 Control should export .tide presets, if you export them one at a time using the “Export Preset” button in the Presets view of H9 Control. You can then load these through the “LOAD” button in the ShimmerVerb UI. Renaming the .h9z file to .tide won’t work, unfortunately.


Sorry, please disregard my comment about the 100% wet sound. Not sure why, but it sounds correct now. I have since rebooted my Mac and interface a few times today.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the H9’s anymore, so I can’t export those presets I have on disk again. When I try to load these user presets in Shimmerverb, the only thing that changes is the correct name. The parameters don’t change at all. I don’t get any error message.