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Actually, there were still some hiccups, but Sweetwater Tech Support was able to fix it to the point where we have something usable.  Thankfully they can access my computer remotely and could tweak things in Pro Tools, DADman and Dante Controller (Took a bit over 2 hours, but we got somewhere!).  Turns out DADman adds another layer of confusion with routing, when using Dante and Pro Tools.  Best solution so far is to run the Emote standalone app and treat it as an external send/return, it seems.  If I were just running Emote and Dante Virtual Soundcard, or could create and aggregate I/O on my Mac Pro, it would be a LOT easier. Unfortunately Pro Tools HDX doesn’t really want to play that game, argh.  Now that it’s configured, tomorrow I will try running multiple instances on separate channels and seeing if that works.  Fingers crossed, lol!