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Eventide Staff
LagPhil wrote:


find link to download help effects files for H9 Control.

Replace them in the installation folder (C:Program Files X86 Eventide H9 Control Help).



Hi Philippe, thank you so much.

This is very helpful to our French speaking users. I thought about what would be the best way of sharing your work. We have an H9 algorithm guide on H9's support & downloads page: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com.eventide.downloads/Product+Manuals/H9AlgorithmGuide+V11.pdf

This PDF incorporates all the .html files into 1 guide. You can see in the pdf apart from the algorithm descriptions there is also a table of contents and an introduction page. The table of contents is generated automatically. It would be nice if you could also translate this introduction page (page 3 right after table of contents). Then I'll generate this H9AlgorithmGuide(FR).pdf for users to download.

If you don't mind, attached is text file for translation. Eventide really appreciates your work!