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See, now I’m getting a completely different impression on that one.  First of all, it’s good to know that Eddie’s doing OK, but … no axes lying around in “heaven”?  Hard pass.

I don’t think that’s true reverse reverb … but inverse reverb.  A plate, with an extra-metallic aftertaste.  So, BlackHole algorithm (or standalone pedal).  Closer to 100% wet MIX.  Not much inverted decay; somewhere not too far left of 12:00 [INV GRAVITY].  Some SIZE [~9:00].  No PRE-DELAY.

You might try spreading some LOW-LEVEL / HIGH-LEVEL EQ, with some boosted RESONANCE.  I’m hearing some pitch shifting / bending in spots, so higher MOD-DEPTH; slower MOD-RATE.  No FEEDBACK.  Add a few dB of OUT LEVEL, if you need to return to unity gain.

Fold in any ‘spirits of choice’ you have floating around at the input.