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I’m wishing the tiny ladder LED’s each had different colors as well. I love the color rose. – While it never even occurred to me that color blind people are out there in all my years of interface and device design (I’ll keep it in mind in the future) some of us, especially people with ADD, certainly myself, practically think in color the way other people think in words. I have colors assigned to values, urgency, emotions, activity types, you name it, and a spread sheet would be difficult to make sense of and see as a whole or find things in if not for every cell being color coded to represent it’s content or value.

Also, like my Cerberus overdrive, I love that I can see from several feet away what function is active. (I’m quite happy about my Zoia for the same reason).

Plus I design midi light-show animations so that colors can reflect pitches and patch timbres. Color is hugely important to some of us.