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hemlocxl wrote:
A bunch of H9000 algorithms are available as plugins like Blackhole or Shimmerverb, etc., so you can get a lot for a little, that way

I do own Anthology XI and am happy with those, but from everything I’ve read and heard the H9000 is a big step up in quality and power.

hemlocxl wrote:
I had the R and had some issues, so I switched to the full faceplate version and I love it to death.

Could you be more specific as to the issues?  I have seen a few issues posted here in this forum, but Eventide support looks to have been diligent in following up and getting the units working.

hemlocxl wrote:
But either way, the price may be spendy, but Sweetwater just ended their 36-month no interest financing promo on Eventide stuff, so hopefully Sweetwater/Eventide will renew it.  Definitely makes it an easier pill to swallow.

Even when it’s financed over 36 months it is still $5000 cheeky  I have a great retailer that I work with and would rather continue with them than switch to Sweetwater.