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jsaliga wrote:

So whether or not there is digital I/O is irrelevant.

Wrong! Its entirely relevant. And has to do with the decision of how sampling is done. There are also things like asynchronous sampling, i.e. avoiding sequential sampling requirements. In this case, what sampling and methods they use are part of their own proprietary information which can be released or held back at their own discretion. Trying to pressure them or using rude hyperbole about them hiding only shows what you are not considering in your thinking.

jsaliga wrote:

Not sure why it is such an issue for Eventide unless it is using something like 16bit/44.1KHz.

So scrap basically every great effects box that was used with synthesizers and other instruments in the past to make all those great tones? Since they didn’t have what you call “fidelity”. Perhaps I’m biased but I think its interesting, the rise of sterile, lifeless effects and effects boxes, which dominate today, all in the name of the new criteria of “fidelity”.