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Sorry about that, I needed to chill, I was upset about the fanboy and eventide comments. But just to answer the question, all the big brother Eventides can do 24/96, but that also it’s not always as simple as a simple answer. Sorry for the conflict, I just feel like people nowadays are too “spec” driven, when a lot of the time the magic is how these things are utilized.  That being said, I did a lot of A/B comparisons of 24/96 to 24/48 on an eventide rack unit and I have to say the 96 sounded a bit more open and better but it seemed like there was a volume drop. I will concur with your statement earlier than some effects are better off with the higher bitrate, I just don’t want people to think the H9 is inferior. A lot of it has to do with how the unit is hooked up too! parallel wet is usually the best way to mix an eventide, especially when they are crunching bits/samples. Honestly I feel like nickrose’s 10bit/22khz comment was actually a troll/joke comment, but I’m not a huge expert on the H9s so I may be wrong. I do know that the H9 is not 24/96K tho!
Wish you all the best.