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I´m not too familiar with midi, but will it be the better way to put the presets on the core to PC numbers that should work together with a number on the max? for example: Max and Core both on midichannel 1, Preset 1 on Max: DELAY, Preset 1 on Core: REVERB. And when the PC command from the EHX Superswitcher is PG1, both H9s change their program and work with Delay and REVERB simultainous in a chain.

If you manage the presets lists on both H9’s so that they complement each other in this way, this is the easiest way to go about it. The drawback is you no longer have independent control of the second H9. You’re limited by the MIDI controller.

Or is there any option to tell the Max a PG command from the EHX and it tells the core a PC command at the same time to switch to REVERB in this example?

Yes, there is. On the Max you need to set [XMT.PC] to ON. It is also possible to have the Max send a PC to the Core according to a custom map, if you don’t want to maintain a perfect preset list as mentioned before. You can read about this on page 39 & 40 of the H9 manual. Important: in order for this to work, the MIDI output of the Max must be set to “XMT” or transmit.

I read somewhere, that the H9 is not able to send itself an PG-Command, if it is switched by an external MIDI PG command.

Not sure I follow. Why would an H9 send itself a PC? If you mean the H9 is not able to send a PC when it receives one from a controller, that is false. I showed you in the previous paragraph how it’s done.

The EHX can send also one CC at the same time, but it will be not possible, I think to use a CC for presetchanges. Not too familiar with midi, so please excuse …. Can anybody help?

CC messages cannot be used to create a program change to a specific preset number. It is possible, however, to use CC#s to do things like




increment & load

decrement & load



In order to do this, you need to program CC values to these functions on H9 Control.