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I went through installation document and found the video on Eventide Site. This video shows that the VST must be activated from the iLOCK. iLOCK itself sucks because I have another plugin to activate and it asks me for a USB dongle. SplitEQ seem to get activated OK, but it still doesn’t work.  iLOCK website provides no support of any kind. When I opened the VSTw folders I can see not SplitEW.dll but have no idea why my Ableton Live11 is not seeing it. While installing there was also a checkbox to install VST3 but no option to select a folder, so I have no idea if VST3 got installed or not and into what folder (if so).
I just wonder how those few people who posted YT videos about this plugin got it installed and working ?  Perhaps something got screwed in the plugin in the meaning as it was modified, recompiled etc.  Installers definitely sucks and no by seeing other having same issues I tend to think that this was my first and last ever product form EVENTIDE. I understand there are bugs in the software and we humans (developers) make mistakes, but I do not understand that Customer Support have not replied to my Email in 3 days and no help on the Forum as well.

I really wanted to like this product.  If anybody has a solution, please post it here.