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The only problem is it would completely undermine the whole idea of a Wiki. I agree that Wikipedia is mostly a trash heap of bad information. There used to be a thing that you’re referring. It was called an Encyclopedia. They were a collection of books that a group of people wrote, were checked for accuracy, printed and published. Then people would spend a reasonably large amount of money to obtain. Unfortunately in todays present state of hyper political and ideological idiocy I’m not sure an unbiased project could be established and definitely not for free. This is why the younger generations need to get their heads out of their butt and read real books (mostly on accurate history) and combine that with true individual life experience to get a handle on reality and begin to restore accuracy in thinking and building a proper civilization.

I’m just glad I was born and grew up mostly before the age of the internet. We had no choice but to get and want a proper education. Otherwise we would suffer the consequences of being a loser. There were no bailouts and no blaming our predicament on silly things like is perpetuated today. The truth is people can only go so long before their folly is forced to be reckoned with and that usually means much suffering.