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There’s a lot to unpack here.  I can understand the familiarity with 1 pedal = 1 effect.  You can approach modern effects in a similar way; one step (or effect) at a time.

I don’t know if you’ve found Eventide’s dedicated MicroPitch page.  Towards the middle, you’ll fund Joe Cozzi’s excellent Tutorial videos.  Best resource to walk you through the knobs & switches.


At the page bottom,  you can download the Eventide Device Manager [EDM].  That is the way to manage & arrange all 127 presets.  You will need an external MIDI controller to access all of them, using MIDI Program Change messages.

Those controllers range from simple to complex (inexpensive to pricey).  And yes, it would require a separate audio interface to connect MicroPitch’s audio outs to a computer.  MIDI will cover ‘remote control’ features only.

All that sounds more complex than it really is. You can go a long way by starting with the tutorial run-throughs, & creating a few targeted presets (with / without the EDM).  Say, a slapback delay, long delay, stereo bounce … one effect per preset.  Move on to pitch detuning only … light widening, extreme quarter-tone shifts.

You can still cycle through 5 presets on-board, like having 5 separate one-effect boxes in-line.  After some familiarity, move on up to multi-effects, such as ‘belltree’ pitch-shifting echoes.