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The H90 ships with three empty user lists: User 2, User 3, and User4. Creating new lists and copying a list is done easily on the H90 Control app, and it looks like you’ve figured out how to do that. If you want to copy Programs from your “Master” list to another list from the H90, whenever you hold down Programs to go into the Save process, by turning the third Quick Knob you can store to a different user list altogether. Once you’ve decided on a list and position, press PERFORM to move on to editing the name. If you don’t wish to make changes, simply press PERFORM again to finalize. Otherwise, we can use the Quick Knobs to edit the title by positioning the cursor with Quick knob 1, we can choose alphanumeric characters with Quick Knob 2, and delete characters with Quick Knob 3. Once we’ve made our changes press PERFORM to store them. If we need to go back to change the position again or want to start over on the title, press SELECT once. Pressing twice will cancel the saving process.