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I use my H8000FW to record almost every day, thru FireWire. The input analog preamp and converters sound SO great that people can’t believe their ears. I work with older Macs and with a Win10 PC I assembled 2 years ago, adding a PCI FWire board to it. All works fine. I’m not sure about new Macs as I don’t like Apple current policy about their hardware but if you can’t make yours work, just get an older iMac or Mac Mini and you’ll be fine. Use it for audio only. Or get/build a PC with Win10 and add a FW board to it. Mine has AMD Ryzen CPU and needs a bit of tweaking for FireWire use. I suggest Intel CPU for better audio work compatibility.

FireWire is a great protocol! Can’t believe the world is back to ugly USB 2.0…