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That’s how I started but really wanted stereo capability in both H90 presets, so now I run the QC with loops 1&2 connected to I/Os 1&2 of the H90 (in dual mode), then have QC Outputs 3/4 going into H90 Inputs 3&4; then H90 Outputs eventually go to my cabs/headphones. This works well for me, as I will use the first H90 preset in QC as Loop1/2 and can place it anywhere, then pretty much always use the second H90 preset for reverb or tremolo, or anything else to go at the very end.

If curious, I then run the H90 3&4 Outs into my Boss RC-5 loop pedal, then into a little stereo splitter – one goes to my 2 cabs, the other into a little mixer for headphones or extra line outs to monitors or wherever. Really happy with it so far!