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We use 10 bit 22.05kHz. It’s a wonder they sound so good.

I’ve trying to find information on the H9 DAC bit depth and sample rate. Only answer I find is this one and this quote from the H9 FAQ:
“What is the sample rate? Because there is no digital I/O the sample rate is optimized for maximum audio performance for each effect and is program dependent.”

Is it really a max of 10bit/22kHz?? Can someone please verify this or point me to the actual information or official source (unless I’ve missed it manual and specs don’t say anything). Looking at my H9 board all I’m able to find is the reference to the DSP chip (DSPB56367AG150-K41R) and as far as I know, I’m very ignorant in this matter, does not perform the actual A/D, D/A conversion.

Thanks in advance