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I have done it, PitchFactor, H9, and now the H90.  Definitely (and logically), a significant increase in quality over the units.  The H90 versions adds a Quantize parameter, that I like.  It’s no MeloDyne or TC Helicon for vocals, but I can see where it could cover for a more synthesized output.  I’d say some kind of post-processing certainly helps out vocal input, to tie it all together.  And you might want some kind of LP filter, once you get past +1 octave.

In QuadraVox, you can adjust the intervals for all Voices: A, B, C, and D, constrained to the selected Key & Scale.  Voices A & C are panned left; Voices B & D are panned right.  Diatonic pans A & B.  The difference is more control over the independent Delay parameters, plus a cool Feedback routing.  QuadraVox treats delays as a group, with gradations in spacing between delays.  Delay D setting your longest delay time.