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Dear Brock:

Thank you for your response…!…(it was very prompt, despite my rather delayed response time…).

I avidly anticipate receiving a pair of H90’s tomorrow, thereby “simplifying” my pedal board…(the 2 H90’s replacing 4 pedals…3 equally large, modulation, reverb., and delay pedals, as well as somewhat “fiddly” 3 pitch harmony generator…)

Due to the fact that the acoustic instruments I play, (the entire pitch-range of Renaissance—>Modern design recorders), which generate only VERY minimal overtone series, (and odd harmonics at that…), I desire/need(?) to augment those rather limited, naturally occurring harmonics, as well as augment them via a harmonizing device, hence the H90…(I WOULD like to be able to make good use of a “dirt” pedal or two, though thus far, perhaps due to a combination of variables, in order for me to generate an appreciable distortion/fuzz effect via sufficient gain, I begin to deal with a very significant feedback/noise issue…rendering such application useless…  ;-(  …).

I graciously welcome any and all input/suggestions/advice regarding ways I can do this, (generating useful octaves/harmonics, etc. …), using, PRIMARILY, one of the H90’s, allowing the other H90 to generate any desired modulation/reverb. and or delay effects…

Thank YOU in advance for any/all assistance that you, Brock, and anyone else may offer…