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1. Is there an option on the H90 to limit the number of programs in a list?


I’ve created a user list with 9 programs and I want to scroll through them in a loop – after reaching program 9 I want to go back to program 1 without the need to scroll back through the entire list.

If you’re using Bank mode, holding down the P footswitch will take you back to Bank 1. You can then load Program 1. Only other quick option is using a MIDI controller to go back to Program 1 instantly.

2. Is there a way to rename presets in the H90 Control app?

If you’re in the Edit window, you can click on the 3 vertical dots next to the preset name. Clicking ‘save to library’ will allow you to rename it. Just keep in mind it creates a new preset in the library, so the old one will still exist. You can then go into the Preset Library and delete the old one if you want to.

3. Are there any plans to bring the dot9s factory presets to the H90?

No, there are no plans to port all those presets over, but there is some crossover as H9 presets are in the H90. Some of those are also dot9 presets.