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H9000 Firmware 2.1.14: 

  • New algorithms (sample rate limited to 48kHz):
    • Head Space: An authentic emulation of classic tape delays with adjustable playback heads, Wow and Flutter, Drive, Hiss, and Filter controls
    • Bouquet Delay: An emulation of analog delay pedals with two different flavors and a couple of modern tricks.
    • WeedWacker: Two stage, serial overdrive (distortion) effect. Both stages are identical. Each stage is reminiscent of a famous green overdrive used by your favorite blues/rock players of yore.
    • Even-Vibe: A faithful emulation of the classic Shin-ei Uni-Vibe™ in stereo!
    • WormHole: Mega-sized, tilting reverb with a Warp performance parameter
    • Polyphony: A low-latency, high quality polyphonic pitch shifter using Eventide’s new SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology
    • PolyFlex: A fully polyphonic version of our classic, 2-voice PitchFlex algorithm, with a few added bonuses.


  • New general parameters for all algorithms
    • Kill Dry: removes the dry signal from the algorithm, effectively turning the algorithm’s mix control into a level control. Useful for wet/dry and aux send/return configurations where the H9000’s effect are in parallel to the dry signal.
    • Panning: Move the entire stereo image of an algorithm’s output to the left or right. Very useful when using multiple algorithms in parallel.
    • Solo: Bypass all other algorithms in the FX Chain. Useful when using FX Chains with many algorithms.
  • Add FX Chain Kill Dry
  • Add automatic input/output sensing to H9 algorithms
  • Fix mapping issue with certain algorithms
  • Fix bug causing H8000 looper algorithms to not work properly
  • Fix bug where front panel would not display the correct Session name or number in certain scenarios
  • Make factory Sessions and FX Chains not entirely uppercase
  • Add fan speed control. Toggle on for a lower fan speed. If the H9000 senses that it is operating at too high of a temperature, it will automatically change back to the higher fan speed.
  • Allow sigfiles with TAPKNOB to be imported. Users should update their sigfiles to use TAPERKNOB instead
  • Other small bug fixes


Emote 2.1.2 

  • General maintenance release for compatibility with H9000 Firmware 2.1.14
  • Apple Silicon (M1/M2) native support
  • Improve the “USB Audio Mute” warning. This is no longer a pop-up, and the warning will be displayed in red in the top right corner of Emote.
  • Fix bug to display correct session names when loading via the plug-in
  • Fix mapping display issue with certain algorithms
  • Fix mapping issue by adding scrollbar to mapping window when Emote display is small