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Thanks for the quick reply! Wah is a Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q; synth pedal is a Boss SY-200. The wah is in the FX loop sent by and returning to the Yamaha mixer FX loop. The synth pedal precedes it in the same loop. The synth pedal also has its own loop option, but I’m not using this loop.

Current setup: Accordion/condenser mics => mixer with phantom power => FX send => synth pedal => wah => FX return/mixer with 26 db pad=> PA or amp

My earlier attempt to use the wah without the mixer was unsuccessful/too prone to feedback. The mixer allows me to overcome this problem. But I’ll try your suggestion, placing the wah elsewhere in the chain. Where should I put it? The mics need phantom power, so putting it before the mixer doesn’t seem like a solution. And you say the synth pedal, which currently sounds thin and tinny, should accept the line-level signal from the mixer with no problem. Would the Mixinglink be useful anywhere in a revised chain? I appreciate any suggestions.