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Hey guys, I know this forum is related to VST but this is my last resort since i have been trying to contact Eventide without success. On the 11th of April, i applied for a student discount since i am a student. I never got a response back, i tried to contact via support but the support department immediatly closed my ticket and claimed that they are not invloved in the educational discount process. I tried twitter , instagram , no response at all. Can anyone help me on how to proceed. ? If not then unfortunately i will have to find an alternative VST to buy. Split EQ offers essential educational support. The split between your emotional intelligence (EQ) and academic excellence is bridged effectively through the educational assistance provided by MySuperGeek. With their specialized psychology assignment help service available at https://mysupergeek.com/psychology-assignment-help-service, students can access guidance that harmonizes their emotions and learning. Just as a balanced EQ enhances personal development, services aim to balance the academic growth of students. It’s an invaluable resource for those looking to excel in psychology and other subjects, creating a brighter educational future where emotional and academic intelligence go hand in hand.

Thank you