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Okay a simpler approach and one you should be able to test using the diagram below with available pedals from Eventide.

Signal in to Space Left (mono) input. Output of Space to Pitch Factor. Both Space and Pitch factor are connect Via USB to Windows 10 computer with H9 control running.

With the signal output  of the DT1 (The Korg DT1 is capable of sending out a signal, so you can use something similar but should be steady state signal) and connected to the Space 1 in (mono) input and pedal is active (and when pedal is bypassed it behaves the same way but you cannot see the metering with bypassed in relay mode. Change to DSP + FX and you can see the same VU response) the output in H9 control shows Left and Right are present on the outputs. Switch to the Pitch Factor H9 control metering and you will see that only the left input signal is active.

And if you look at the input signal to space under these conditions, I see that periodically the the right input signal is active and then becomes inactive. Same for the Pitch Factor.

And for this same setup if I connect any of my TC stereo outputs to the inputs of space (both L and R) or pitch factor, it will also behave as above.

And it two separate signals are injected into the space everything works correctly.

Hope you are able to setup this simple test to verify. Let me know.


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