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To Whom it May Concern:

Despite being a very pleased and proud owner of a pair of Eventide H90’s for the last 9+ months, I am just now beginning to seriously explore “https://patchstorage.com”, and have most recently encountered some issues even attempting to sign-in to the website.  Despite attempting to even reset my password, etc., I receive a message regarding a missing “key”.  Being a relatively ignorant of things digital, I will humbly express that I am more than a bit lost regarding this…


ASIDE from the above issue, after downloading the new H90 “Polysynth” algorithm(s), (with which I am attempting to modify to generate my own preferred timbres/responses, etc.,), I am not quite sure as to how to download a variety of “Patchstorage” patches, or actually how to “open”(?) those patches, and/or upload them to my H90, so that they are loaded into my preferred storage locations in my H90, such that ULTIMATELY I might use them…


Currently I am very much interested in the  H90 “Cathedral and Tonewheel Organs” by “apalazzolo” 2 months ago”, and despite being able to download the file(s) to my computer, I am painfully ignorant as to how to either open/access said file(s) in order to attempt to create that patch in one of my H90’s, or upload the file(s) from my computer to said H90…



ANY and ALL assistance regarding any and all of this will be VERY much appreciated by me…


THANK YOU in advance for your patience/understanding and assistance!



T.A. Kogstrom

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