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Monkey Death Rocket

Sorry to hear you are having issues. I just responded to your support ticket, we can troubleshoot the issue further there.

Thanks for the email and help on a Sunday, it has solved the issue. It seems my antivirus/security suite may have had an effect on my earlier tries at recovery. <span style=”font-size: inherit;”>I would have had no idea the H90 shows up as a drive in Windows/PC, if it wasn’t for the freeze-up issue. My Axe FX II doesn’t do that, and it has an app/preset storage etc.</span> I had actually tried the scan-disk (H90) and repair before, but I just kept having a hard time getting the app to see the H90. And then when I finally did, I couldn’t get a (any) firmware to stick. Anyhow, thanks again Tyler! The recovery/firmware reinstall worked, so this is SOLVED.

This post, thank you, got mine working again.  I had the same issue, error checked and repaired the disk, back in action now!