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There is a little download icon to the right of the notice.  Notes from Eventide:


H90 software 1.7.5 and H90 Control 1.7.6 are now available!

Please download/install H90 Control 1.7.6 first, and then update your H90.

H90 Software 1.7.5

This release officially enables Bluetooth functionality for the H90!

In addition, this release contains a few minor features and bug fixes:
• Implement a new Bypass mode in System Settings – “AB Only” allows you to bypass just the
onboard effects, leaving insert routings active
• Add support for full user content backup/restore in H90 Control
• Add support for log retrieval from H90 Control
• Fix DIN MIDI stepping issue

H90 Control 1.7.6

Add Backup/Restore for user content (Programs, Lists, Presets) and system settings
Add a utility for retrieving logs from the pedal
Miscellaneous minor UI improvements
Bug Fixes
Fix an issue where Programs would sometimes not appear on initial connection
Fix Import of H9 lists
You can also find a new chapter in the user guide dedicated to H90 Control – https://cdn.eventideaudio.com/manuals/h90/1.7.5/content/h90-control/index.html