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      Brand new PitchFactor running v3.0, and just downloaded the latest version of FactorLib, running on Mac. Connected via USB. When I try to save presets to the box, it appears to work, the box says "DONE" and then none of the presets are changed.

      Some things on the forums implied this might be a known bug. Is that so? Does FactorLib just not work with v#? Or am I missing something else.

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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      Eventide Staff

      Where do the presets you are trying to download come from ? Are you sure that they are different from the ones in the box ?

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      Thanks for the reply. At the moment they are the factory presets, just reordered so they are more usable for me. I did it myself in FactorLib, so yes, I know it is not the same order as the original factory preset list.

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