will Modfactor do Q-tron type envelope filter sound?

Home Forums Products Stompboxes will Modfactor do Q-tron type envelope filter sound?

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      I'm considering a Modfactor but I want to know from users if it will nail the envelope filter effect. I don't really care for the "Q-wah" sound on the demo page. Lots of auto-wah pedals will do that sound.

      I've considered the great sounding Electro Harmonix Q-tron but the MF would give me other effects that I sometimes need, so if it can nail that sound as good as the Q-tron can then it's the better choice for my needs.

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      You certainly can envelope filter sounds, lots of 'em – there's a ton of cool stuff you can do with this pedal – though I've not gotten a Q-tron type sound  (not a fan of that sound or EH pedals in general)- I'm sure that the MF could do it easily.

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