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Resonator Algorithm now available on H9 Control App

Today, Eventide announced the immediate availability of the new Resonator algorithm for the H9 Harmonizer® stompbox.  Resonator combines multi-tap delays, luscious reverb, and tunable resonances. Each delay tap is assigned a note value that will ring out more or less based on the input audio and the level of the resonance parameter.

H9 Control App Now Supports all Eventide Stompboxes

Today, Eventide announced that a free update to the H9 Control App for Windows, OSX, or iOS which adds support for Space, PitchFactor, and ModFactor will be available in March.  Support for the forthcoming new TimeFactor software featuring the new looper will follow in April. 

The new H9 Control App provides editor librarian functionality for all Eventide stompboxes and will support the migration of custom presets created for any Eventide stompbox to be imported to H9 provided the host algorithm is available in the user’s account. 

Eventide Updates H9 Control App

Bluetooth wireless control for Windows and Mac plus support for TimeFactor added

Today, Eventide announced the posting and immediate availability of v1.6.0 of H9 Control app - a free software download.  The new software adds support for TimeFactor and its new looper algorithm in addition to support for ModFactor, PitchFactor, Space, H9, and H9 Core. The latest version of H9 Control is available for download: Click here.

The new version features:

EQ Compressor Algorithm now available on H9 Control App

EQ Compressor combines a multi-featured, parametric equalizer with a dynamic, intuitive compressor to create a powerful tone shaping tool for guitar, voice, or any spectrally-rich sound. The EQ section is comprised of four independent filters: two parametric bands, a low shelf and a high shelf. H9 Control’s graphical interface makes carving your tone easy. Combining the tone-shaping ability of an EQ with the dynamics processing of a compressor makes for a world tone fun. Check out the EQ Compressor demo video for guitar here

DDL-500 for 500 Series now available

Today, Eventide announced the immediate availability of its new digital delay for 500 series racks, the DDL-500. 


Eventide announces 2016 Stereo Room and Omnipressor for AAX64, AU, and VST Native

Eventide Announces H9 Core

Un-bundled H9 Harmonizer® offers same great sound and rich features for 20% less.

H9 Control App - Windows

Important: To get a new algorithm you MUST first download the latest version of H9 Control and then you MUST update the software on your H9 stompbox.


1. Download & Update H9 Control

2. Update the Software on your H9

  1. Connect your H9 to H9 Control (via Bluetooth or USB Cable)
  2. Start H9 Control
  3. Click the Pedal icon at the bottom of the screen
  4. Click "Update Stompbox's Software"
  5. Select the latest release

TimeFactor in Jerry Cantrell's Rig

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TimeFactor in John Mayer's Rig

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