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Eventide is the Weapon of Choice for King Crimson's Trey Gunn

Twisting powerful technologies to fit the creative process is nothing new to King Crimson's Trey Gunn, the virtuoso of unique stringed instruments and multimedia productions. It comes as no surprise that Gunn recently added an Eventide Eclipse™ effects processor as an integral part of his production arsenal, allowing him to further craft signature effects with its large effects library and versatile control functions.

Gunn performs with a variety of groups, incorporating his unique rhythmic sound performed on a 10-string touch guitar made by Warr Guitars. With the Eventide Eclipse as his only effects processor, Gunn is able to produce a wide array of sounds for his distinctive instrument without a cumbersome touring rig.

"My hectic touring schedule had me looking for ways to simplify my rig, choosing fewer components that were capable of many tasks," said Gunn. "The Eclipse was a natural choice and it's now the backbone of my micro-rig that I can easily take on the plane instead of shipping all over creation. I pretty much run from my instrument into the Eclipse and out to the board. It covers everything."

The Eclipse offers 90 effects algorithms with 390 presets. In addition, the Eclipse takes Eventide's contemporary diatonic shifting technology, capable of producing up to eight simultaneous voices of pitch shifting, and integrates the User-Definable Scales functionality of the H3000. Each parameter can be controlled with MIDI foot controllers, allowing users to stack up to eight parameters per control, offering maximum yet effortless manipulation.

The control functions and deep library of effects attracted Gunn to the Eclipse. His performance style and nature of his ensembles require constant access to effects parameters. The Eclipse allowed Gunn to program multiple parameters into a single pedal, enabling him to control his sound without compromising his performance.

Gunn recently used the Eclipse for a festival show in Germany with his group KTU, comprised of Finnish musicians Kimmo Phojonen, Samuli, and fellow King Crimson member Pat Mastelotto. Gunn said, "With a little pre-programming, I had the pedal set so that when I pulled back, I lowered the gain but bumped up the distortion level and the delay feedback while increasing the delay. This gave me an amazing sound but didn't overwhelm the other performers. Expression pedals are key to me because of my style and Eventide did a superb job of designing them into the control functions of the Eclipse, letting me modulate any parameter in real time and produce truly unique effects. The great thing is, I know I'm just scratching the surface of what the Eclipse can do."

Gunn will have plenty of opportunities to dive deeper into the capabilities of the Eclipse. He will perform another string of European dates with KTU in July. Quodia, Gunn's multimedia duo with Joe Mendelson, will perform throughout North and South America later in the year as well.

About Trey Gunn: Trey Gunn, a native Texan who now resides in Seattle, began his musical life at the age of seven playing classical piano. His interest in music grew through various instruments: electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar, keyboards and the touch guitar. He completed a degree in classical music composition at the University of Oregon before moving to New York City where his professional life blossomed.

He has toured and recorded with Sunday All Over The World, Toni Childs, The Robert Fripp String Quintet, David Sylvian, Vernon Reid, Michael Brook, Eric Johnson, David Hykes of the Harmonic Choir, and King Crimson. In 1994 he joined King Crimson. He has, since, participated in seventeen King Crimson CDs, two DVDs and hundreds of performances. Their latest recording, "The Power to Believe," is out on Sanctuary Records. Visit or for more information.

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Date:  May 23, 2005
Type:  Artist Profiles
Products:  Eclipse V4