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Frampton Comes Alive with Eventide

Veteran guitar virtuoso Peter Frampton adds Eventide Eclipse to permanent guitar rig combining a legendary performer with legendary effects

In an announcement that reunites two music legends of the past three decades, Eventide today announced that artist Peter Frampton added Eventide Eclipse™ effects processors to his permanent guitar rig. The announcement underscores the growing user base of seasoned guitarists choosing the Eclipse for its unparalleled control functions and large library of effects that span decades of classic sounds.

Frampton, a longtime fan of Eventide, incorporated Eclipse into both his permanent touring and recording rigs. According to Frampton, there was no doubt in his mind when he selected Eventide as his go-to effects processor.

"I had one of the first Eventide effects processors with the original pitch card. It was used in the studio and I took it on tour with me for front-of-house sound before and beyond Comes Alive!" said Frampton. "On the road and in the studio I always have an Eventide effects processor close at hand. It's the best. It's a piece of equipment that I cannot do without."

The Eventide Eclipse is finding a niche among guitarists looking for a powerful, comprehensive effects processor. With 90 effects algorithms and 390 presets, the Eclipse offers an unmatched depth of possibilities to create a signature sound or reproduce a classic effect.

In addition, the Eclipse takes Eventide's contemporary diatonic shifting technology, capable of producing up to eight simultaneous voices of pitch shifting, and integrates the User-Definable Scales functionality of the H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer®. Each parameter can be controlled with MIDI foot controllers, and users can stack up to eight parameters per control offering maximum control of multiple simultaneous manipulations.

Frampton is no stranger to unique sonic effects. On his seminal album, Frampton Comes Alive!, he brought the talk-box effect into the mainstream. Throughout his career, from his early days with The Herd to his latest solo CD, Now, or his Gold-certified DVD Live in Detroit, Frampton has consistently embraced innovative technology to enhance his creative process. Noted Frampton, "The tools available to musicians are constantly evolving, and sometimes the pace is a bit overwhelming. That's why it's reassuring to know that Eventide continues to put out reliable, new and powerful gear. For me, it's the best of both worlds: classic equipment with every new feature imaginable."

Frampton will have ample opportunities to put his new Eventide Eclipse to work. He is working on a new solo album this summer but took a break to pay tribute to guitar great Les Paul at the Les Paul 90th Birthday Salute, June 19th, at Carnegie Hall. Frampton also contributed a recording to a Les Paul tribute CD. In addition, Frampton will hit the road for a string of European dates in July.

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Date:  June 27, 2005
Type:  Artist Profiles
Products:  Eclipse V4