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The Perishers Take to the Road with H8000

The Perishers' FOH engineer Daniel Nygaard brings his new Eventide H8000A Ultra-Harmonizer on the road for the Swedish band's stateside album debut, opening for Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Bonham, and Aqualung

When front of house (FOH) engineer Daniel Nygaard prepared to tour with The Perishers in the United States, he knew he would have to do more with less. Touring in an overseas market meant providing the same lush production without his stable of familiar equipment. Nygaard made the tour production a resounding success with an Eventide H8000A Ultra-Harmonizer effects processor as the foundation for all FOH effects.

"The Eventide H8000A provided me all the effects and processing I needed in a single unit," said Nygaard. "It essentially replaced four other dual engine effects units that I used to use with The Perishers. As if that weren't enough, the H8000A allowed me to add input equalizers for all the effect sends routed to the H8000A. Any worries about processing power were quickly dismissed. The H8000A performed brilliantly generating lush, full effects. Best of all, it all came from a single unit."

The H8000A is the most powerful and comprehensive outboard effects processor available, offering users an unparalleled 1,588 presets constructed out of 230 unique effects modules. The H8000A is also a highly reliable road warrior featuring four channels of 24-bit analog I/O with a dynamic range of greater than 110dB via XLR and ¼" TRS. The H8000A offers four channels of AES/EBU, ADAT and S/PDIF, all 24-bit.

"On the US tour I used the H8000A for six reverbs, instruments and vocals, as well as one vocal delay throughout the set," said Nygaard. "Having that many effects could be a problem. With the H8000A, I was able to easily create my own presets that mixed all effects down to two stereo outputs, streamlining the setup process. Effects and levels for each song were also pre-programmed. When the set started, all I had to do was simply press one preset button and the effects mix was ready. It was much more efficient than selecting presets from four different units."

The H8000A enabled Nygaard to reproduce virtually any effect he had grown accustomed to in his live mixes. "I love fingering with the parameters, tweaking effects to craft my own sound," said Nygaard. "I do all the presets myself and the H8000A offers you much more access to the algorithms than other gear. For a detail-oriented FOH engineer, there's no better companion."

The Perishers recently enjoyed a successful launch of their US debut album, Let There Be Morning, released on Nettwerk Records. Tracks have recently been featured on television series, such as "The OC," "One Tree Hill," and "Veronica Mars." Hailing from Umeå, Sweden, the pop rock outfit has garnered international praise and received warm welcomes in opening slots for Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Bonham, and Aqualung. Up next for the group is a string of dates in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

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Date:  January 15, 2006
Type:  Artist Profiles
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