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Veteran Producers Reunite with Eventide Sound with Anthology Plug-in Bundle

Anthology, the comprehensive plug-in bundle, allowed the duo to reproduce the legendary sounds of Eventide's classic hardware with the versatility of a plug-in interface

New technology may come about continuously, but an industry standard is timeless. That is why veteran UK-based producers Nigel Bates and Ben Fenner recently chose the Eventide Anthology plug-ins bundle as a new staple for their studios. Working with such respected musicians as Paul Carrack and Steve Hackett, the duo is finding the Eventide plug-ins to be a superb, versatile translation of the original hardware that made the Eventide name famous.

"I was amazed how true the plug-ins remained to the legendary hardware," said Bates. "What intrigued me most was the ability to replicate the sounds and effects we used in the 1980s, but with the versatility of the software format. You really start to realize how good the hardware was and the wide array of effects you could produce. It was groundbreaking then and it still holds true today."

Fenner also found Anthology to be an excellent translation from the Eventide hardware that became the industry standard decades ago. Commented Fenner, "I've been a big fan of the H3000 for years and I'm very used to the hardware's interface. It was a core part of my daily studio setup, so I was pleased to see the software reflect the same well thought-out interface. Since technology has streaked ahead for the last ten or so years, it's refreshing to have something you're comfortable with and you know will work."

The Anthology bundle compiles decades' worth of legendary technologies into one all-inclusive, simple and affordable package for Pro Tools TDM. Included in the Anthology bundle are H3000 Band Delays™, just released H3000 Factory™ plug-ins, all five plug-ins from the Clockworks Legacy™ bundle, and two plug-ins based on Eventide's top-of-the-line Orville™ processor.

Bates and Fenner are using Anthology for a number of projects, many being mixed in 5.1. Eventide's Reverb and Band Delays plug-ins have given them the opportunity to produce deep, warm textures reminiscent of the classic Eventide sound. For example, Bates highlighted a recent Celtic Legend project, "Tristan and Isolde," mixed in 5.1 for both an album and DVD.

"'Tristan and Isolde' was a very unique project with vocals sung in Cornish accompanied by a narrative vocal by Patrick Bergin," explained Bates. "We were able to use Reverb to create a deep, haunting atmosphere for Peter's narrative that really pulled the piece together. The DVD single 'Ysolt Y'nn Gweinten' has since been A-listed on Classic FMTV. We've also used Reverb for guitar tracks on other projects to get a great ambience, especially from the back. We tried other reverbs, but the Eventide just sounded much better.

"The Instant Phaser was also in classic form," continued Bates. "Modern phasers are all very clean and tight, but they don't offer the old, warm feel. Eventide's stayed true to the old hardware, producing the perfect phaser sound of old. The Omnipressor was brilliant. We've used it on several tracks, really squashing stuff down without losing any texture. And the Band Delays plug-in is a great translation from the original hardware. It takes you back to the Brian Eno days. It's an incredible effect."

Putting all the classic Eventide algorithms into plug-ins offers users the legendary effects with the versatility and functionality of computer controls. The software interfaces of the Eventide plug-ins allow for easy setups, presets and precise tweaking options.

"It was great to come in a few weeks after a session and automatically pull up the presets," noted Fenner. "We were able to pick up exactly where we left off without having to reset the faceplate. The plug-ins are very reliable and maintain the classic feel."

Bates and Fenner have plenty of opportunities to continue their reunion with the Eventide sound. From his studio in Dordogne, France, Bates is currently working on a new project with Paul Carrack, with whom he's collaborated for years. Fenner operates his own studio in Twickenham, England, and is staying busy remastering legendary guitarist Steve Hackett's first solo album. Together, they are working on several music licensing projects and 5.1 mixes.

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Date:  May 27, 2005
Type:  Artist Profiles
Products:  Anthology II TDM