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How the Eventide Harmonizer Expanded the Possibilities of Sound

As the world’s first commercially available pitch-changing device, the H910 Harmonizer made it possible for artists to change the pitch of a sound without also changing its duration. By simply turning a knob, 30 seconds of electric guitar played in A minor could, for example, become 30 seconds of electric guitar played in C major. And that was only the beginning.

Combined with the machine’s delay and feedback tools, the Harmonizer created a new universe of far-out effects with which musicians could bend, shape and expand sound in ways never before possible. As the world’s first digital effects unit, the Harmonizer also planted the flag for electronic production and the digital revolution that would ultimately make the machine obsolete. Eventide figured that a primary application would be for a singer to self-generate harmonies by changing the pitch of their own voice, so they called it the Harmonizer.

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Date:  February 02, 2018
Type:  Eventide History
Publication:Red Bull Music Academy
Author:Katie Bain
Products:  H910 Rackmount
Tags:  harmonizer, 910, suzanne ciani, david bowie, tony agnello, richard factor