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Press Release: Eventide H3000 Live Plug-in Comes to Yamaha Rivage PM10

Classic micropitch and delay effects included with V1.5 upgrade

FRANKFURT, April 4, 2017 — Available with the V1.5 upgrade to Yamaha’s flagship RIVAGE PM10 live sound console is the new Eventide H3000 LIVE plug-in.  Eventide’s developers worked hand in hand with Yamaha’s team to incorporate the most sought-after classic sounds from the H3000 Harmonizer® effects processor. With H3000 LIVE integrated into the state-of-the-art RIVAGE PM10 console, Front of House engineers have the most requested presets from the venerable H3000 at their fingertips.  Factory presets included are:

  • 101 Layered Shift 
  • 102 Slap Back   
  • 116 Multi Shift    
  • 508 Dual H910 Micro 
  • 514 Just Stereo
  • 515 Magic Air     
  • 518 Micro + Reverb
  • 519 MicroPitchShift    
  • 520 Micro-Reverb
  • 521 Micro Pitch-Slap
  • 528 Real Chorus
  • 533 Voice Doubler   
  • 613 Big Guitar
  • 731 Mondo Chorus
  • 763 Moving Vocal Spread
  • 988 Real Chorus 2

About Eventide

Since 1971, Eventide has remained at the forefront of recording technology. In 1975 they revolutionized the audio industry by creating the world’s first commercially available digital audio effects unit, the H910 Harmonizer®. Since then, their legendary studio processors, stompboxes and plug-ins have been heard on countless hit records. Eventide® and Harmonizer® are registered trademarks of Eventide Inc.

Press Inquiries: Nalia Sanchez, Director of Marketing Communications

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Date:  April 04, 2017
Type:  Press Release
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